About Vagabond Images

Photograph: Laura Muirhead


I charge £45 per hour to shoot, and £18 to edit. Editing depends on the subject and the shoot, but is generally about 1/3 of the shooting time. 

Prints are priced individually, and I can organise framing and postage.

I'm flexible and friendly, so do get in touch to discuss.


I am Mike Dodson, and Vagabond Images is my photography and post-production work. I came into photography 20 years ago - my father taught me initially, when he he gave me his 1968 Nikkormat FS, and I started using and abusing film until digital changed my game about 10 years ago, when I moved to Canon.


German expressionism? Gonzo? Film Noir? Sizz? I like a Dutch Angle, I drink too much, I like stories, and have a love of music, mischief, and hidden corners. All of these  inform and influence my thinking and approach, and thus my work. Vagabond Images because my photographs rarely fit ‘The Rules‘ or into photographic essays, and each one tends to stand on it’s own merit as opposed to necessarily being a study in technique or of subject. I often use them as base items, interpreting them and transforming them from pure photographs to become images.

One of my favourite bands is New Model Army, among whose work is a song called Vagabonds - if you don’t like it, you are wrong.