About Vagabond Images


I am Mike Dodson, and Vagabond Images is my photography and post-production work.

I came into photography 20 years ago - my father taught me the basics when he gave me his 1968 Nikkormat FS, and I started using and abusing film until digital changed my game about 10 years ago, and I moved to Canon.

A significant part of my youth was mispent in the metal, goth and punk scenes of the 1980s and 90s, and from that I developed a love of music, mischief, noir films and hidden corners, which has informed my work and approach.

I’m quite interested in the arse-end of capitalism and The Man Behind The Curtain, and living in London gives me access to a variety of juxtapositions, contradictions and unusal sights - multi-millionaires in super-cars stuck in traffic queuing by homeless people; abandoned buildings full of history being knocked down to make way for new office blocks, and green spaces surrounded by high-rise flats and housing estates. While I won’t necessarily photograph, it influences my thinking and subesequently my work.

Vagabond Images because my photographs rarely fit ‘The Rules‘ or into photographic essays, and each one tends to stand on it’s own merit as opposed to necessarily being a study of technique or subject. I often use them as base items, interpreting them and transforming them from pure photographs to become images.

One of my favourite bands is New Model Army, among who’s work the song Vagabonds you should actively seek out and listen to at a high volume - if you don’t like it, you are wrong.

My tastes are for red wine, stories, and broken things, and think goats are the funkiest animal.

I am also one half of The Photographers